Internal Medicine & Adult Primary Care Specialist

Men's Health Chicago

Testosterone Replacement located in Schaumburg, IL & The Loop, Chicago, IL

Internal Medicine & Adult Primary Care

Among the many conditions the health care providers at Men’s Health
Chicago treat are:

- Acute Illnesses (flu, stomach bugs, primary care conditions, etc)
- Flu shots
- Sexual health
- Pain management
- Headaches
- Hormone Replacement for Hypogonadism (Low-Testosterone)
- Sports Injury
- Management for hypertension and most chronic illnesses.

As internists, the medical professionals at Men’s Health Chicago understand
how a man’s body works as a whole, and they can identify and treat
illnesses and diseases through a broad approach. By understanding how each component of the human body works together, Men’s Health Chicago provides effective and lasting medical treatments- we strive to treat the cause of your condition, not just chase/suppress the symptoms.